SEO Relationship – the greatest ethic of business

Our SEO service is a long term relationship than making you rush only. SEO is not really for your one time activity; it’s like your intimate friend in your ongoing business development. Thus break up of relation by either side may cause to downfall your rankings in the market place and ultimately fall your revenue too. We encourage you to build a long term link building for your positioning.

SEO Practice – a long time procedure

Don’t be happy with any quick way of success. There has no short cut method in the field of business or development. The practice of SEO service is a long time procedure. It takes 4 to 6 months to have suitable outcome though it totally depends on the market competition, quality products and industry track-records. It is not a magic or miracle to reach you the top. Rather it is a matter to evaluate how to make you fit and abreast with global business. Each and everyone are struggling in the market to keep their ranking top or to reach the top. Thus we advise you to develop your mentality to make your SEO deal and/ or renewal from 4 to 6 months.

Do you know Ranking Algorithm?

Local or Global business is open to all. The ranking algorithm is not on our hands. Thus SEO does not have any control on search engine ranking algorithm. And it does not have control over ongoing SEO efforts by competitors. It is an automation process depending your products and services for a long time. We never and ever give you any false guarantee or warrantee. It is our ethic to provide the best service to our clients to make their position higher in legal and competitive way through White Hat SEO.

Do you know Ranking Block!

There is nothing to be happy for your sudden ranking! It is bad signal of your ranking block. Once it happens your site will be blocked permanently by search engine. Top search engine like Google can detect and obstruct any site as soon as they see any such rapid pop up ranking. It may exist only few days and be suspected as Black Hat SEO. Due to illegal promotion the site could be forbidden forever. We recommend you to avoid any such illegal promotion for your own career and for the next generation.

Be careful from New Site Boost Effect

Many are being cheated and swindled by the temptation of unfair means. You may be deceived by such Black Hat SEO service provider. Your new site may get a temporary boost in ranking. It could be happened for some targeted keywords however it falls down its own place very soon. This is commonly known as New Site Boost Effect. This happens on the site very often. Many site owners are to count penalties of barring, ranking block and even permanently block by the search engine. We do not encourage you to select the way that may take everything from you.

Be aware of Ranking Drop!

We only work for those who want to be authentic and real site owners. If your site is not authentic, if the ranking has no track records, if your previous history is not clear then your ranking then it can be dropped any moment. You should know that this kind of ranking could be re-emerged without any SEO service or efforts. But be understood that it can never benefit you; rather it makes your site rank drop down for long time.

Ranking Rise and Fall!

You must know that an authentic website search engine never ensure a constant position for you only. It could fluctuate any moment, any time and any day. These kinds of changes happen due to ranking algorithm and SEO efforts as made by the competitors and even from both side. We never encourage our client to take this challenge that may make your life unrest and unsecured!

Don’t rush behind Guarantee/ Warranty

Things are momentary in the transient world. Nothing is guaranteed or none could give you warranty of any service in the competitive market. Remember each and everybody is struggling like you. We pursue followings provisions for our clients in partnership dealings:

  1. We do not give any guarantee/ warranty regarding project timelines, additional budget etc.
  2. We are not liable to any consequences whether the SEO works damaged entirely or partially, knowingly or unknowingly by any party other than SEO himself and even with/ without the prior consultation with the SEO.
  3. We are not liable to any works damaged by natural catastrophe or unexpected interruption and even such situation which is beyond SEO’s capacity.

However a SEO work is considered to be destroyed if following changes are made at the website without first consulting with the SEO?

  1. Renaming, re-locating, adding or removing any file, folder or sub domain on a web server including web documents, robots.txt, htacess file, sitemap.xml, rss.xml etc.
  2. Making any changes on an optimized webpage, Changing the head section of the webpage like changing the title tag or certain tags required for website authentication.
  3. Adding, removing or modifying any contents, functionality or a widget.
  4. Changes in the anchor text, Removing Google analytical code from the webpage, Changes in the site architecture etc.
  5. Renaming URLs of a web document, linking out to any website prior consultation of the SEO, Taking down the website entirely or partially.

Don’t go for Guarantee/ Warranty

We are very much clear with our position to satisfy you with our White Hat SEO. It is not our effort to mislead your life and damage your career. We do not assure our clients any guarantee/ warrantee for the project timelines, additional expenses and end results if:

  1. there is a server outage for prolonged time
  2. clients fails to resolve SEO queries on time or make delays in providing required access, documents, permission or any support for SEO purpose.
  3. clients fail to make necessary changes on the website as and when advised by the SEO
  4. clients refuse to educate him/ herself about SEO
  5. things happen due to client ignorance or beyond capacity.

These are not the end, we reserve the right to add, review or remove any part of this disclaimer as and when needed for the betterment of company.